Life Flow

IF there was a way to wholly allow yourself to have a chance for everything you ever wanted to appear right in front of your eyes, would you accept? for the price of a mlife-flowagnificent war, would you pursue the battle of the mind? this task being extremely difficult and is guaranteed to break the feeble minded. Such a magnificent power couldn’t be handled by the weak or people accepting to be herded. This power is to strong and requires more than a sheep from your soul. It needs a soul that truly believes, the ability to mentally crush that negativity about that belief and use your own will power at full power to manifest into that belief to see if truth bares fourth. How strong does the placebo effect affect our lives? If we had complete control over our mind wouldn’t we be able tIntelligence-not-because-you-think-you-know-everything-without-questioning-but-rather-because-you-question-everything-you-think-you-knowo placebo effect ourselves all the time? Or allow our minds to enter lucid dreams before we sleep? or be able to understand our instincts when were in need of safety? If anything, telling myself that sugar pills are my vitamins, work out pills, or my spiritual medicine rolled into a pill, sounds like some boss mind over body situations.  With complete mind control our lives would be as great as our imagination. Lets break free of our locked minds and see how much more powerful we can become as the human race.